Preparing for an ant pest control service



Seeing ants congregate at different areas in your home can be very offensive. A question that might run through your mind is – how do I get rid of this nuisance for good? Well, the best option when it comes to ants control you require a professional pest control company. Of course, before they come to address your pest problem, you will have to make some preparations.

Ant control

Insecticides are used by professional pest control service to eliminate ant from a home or an office. The process by which this is done is pretty straightforward. First, baits are placed on strategic areas, where ants have often been seen congregating or feeding. The bait is carefully placed on a holder or cardboard.

This method has been met with much success, in the past and is still in use right now. The purpose of the bait system is not to kill the first wave of ants that come out, but rather to follow their trail and see where it leads, which is their nest where their queen is located. The ants that approach a bait are likely worker ants and they are easily replaceable. Hence it would be wise to follow their trail so that you can eliminate them for good.

Before a pest control company visits your home, they are going to give a list of some activities you need to carry out prior to their visit.

Your job therefore, is to follow the instructions they have given you in the letter. If in the future, you want to handle a pest situation on your own, do well to read the instruction on the pest control product you are about to purchase.

When you make all the necessary preparations, the chance of re-infestation becomes very slim. If you fail to prepare for the pest control service, the chance of a re-infestation becomes very high.


Steps in preparation

In other for the exterminator to rid your home of ants without any sort of complications, you have to do the following.

  1. Get rid of your trash.
  2. Carefully vacuum you home.
  3. Eradicate any potential ant food source so as to make the bait method more effective.
  4. Wipe your counters
  5. Ensure that your floors are clean.
  6. Store your food in the refrigerator.
  7. Reduce the amount of leftovers to the barest minimum.
  8. Wash your dishes and your dishwasher as often as possible
  9. If you store recyclables in your home, rinse them and keep them in an ant-proof container.
  10. As soon as the pest control agent arrives at your home, explain the nature of your ant problem and show him the areas where you see ants often.

Before a pest control agent starts addressing your pest problem, ask him to tell you exactly what he is going to do. Also, ensure that he gives you some after treatment instructions.

Important steps you should take after an ant control service have been performed

  1. Do not use very strong cleaner, close to the bait. This will make the ant unable to find the bait.
  2. Do not spray insecticide on an ant that is approaching the bait.
  3. If some ants are heading away from the bait, don’t disturb them. Rather move the bait to the area where you can see the ant.

Eradication of ants from your home for good is not difficult as it might seem, all you have to do is to follow the instructions laid out by a pest control company. If you are able to follow it strictly, you will be able to get rid of your pest problem permanently.

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