Machines used in paper manufacture

Paper is a thin material which are used for writing, printing etc. Many forms of paper exist such as corrugated paper, sand paper, wax paper, bond paper, fish paper, bank paper, banana paper, cotton paper, leather paper etc. All these papers serve different purposes. The manufacturing process of most of the papers is similar except the chemicals used to alter the properties of the paper while it in in the form of cellulose fiber pulp. Wood from trees having hard wood like Oak and soft wood like eucalyptus is used for paper making. It can also be produced from cellulose fiber rich plants like bamboo, cotton etc. Waste paper also can be recycled to produce paper pulp.

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Paper machine is a machine which is employed for the manufacture of paper. Fourdrinier Machine principles are employed by the modern day paper making machines. It uses a woven mesh conveyer belt to create a paper web. There are four different sections in a paper manufacturing machine they are Forming section, press section, drying section and calendar section. The forming section is the wet area of the machine. Here the pulp slurry is released continuously to get a wet web of fiber. In the press section, this wet web is passed between large rollers under high pressure and water  is squeezed out of it. The drying section is used to dry out the fibers and bring down the moisture content to about 6%. A series of steam-heated drying cylinders are used for this purpose. Calendar section is the section where the material is smoothened out using high pressure and loading.

Paper conversion is the process of converting raw paper from the paper and pulp mills and converting them to the market product. To achieve this, the large parent rolls are cut and made into smaller rolls which can be utilized by the machinery of companies like the printing press etc. These paper converting equipment change the width of the paper according to size of the printing press.

The most common paper converting device is the slitter/rewinder. This machine consists of a series of blades. Using these blades, the rolls of paper are unwound. These blades then cut the paper into smaller dimension papers which are then rolled back to form new rolls.

The second type of paper converting device is the precision paper roll saw. While using this equipment, there is no need to unwind or rewind the parent paper rolls. This machine cuts the entire roll into new rolls.

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