The arrival of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the market created a lot of stir in the CRM and ERP sectors all around the world. While most people are of the opinion that it is better calledas Office 365, this unconventional naming of Microsoft has its own valid reasons. With Dynamics 365, Microsoft has combined the popular Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics AX into a single entity. In order to keep up with the times, Microsoft has intertwined its own smart tools with third party apps via AppSource. Dynamics 365 is a unique software, which streamlines both CRM and ERP functions through clearly defined applications. As the applications are no longer muddled with unnecessary requirements, managing resources and customer relationships is now a lot simpler than before. With Dynamics 365, the CRM and ERP functionalities are now unified into single application.

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The vast majority of enterprise owners arestill confused as to, what is Microsoft’s logic behind this move. Truth be told, enterprise analysts had determined long back that, an organisation’s success in customer management isnot due to its front office alone. Quality customer experience is only possible when both the front and back office work together. It is high time, software apps which utilised this principle made its way to the enterprises. Microsoft dynamics partners are at the forefront of this revolutionary transformation. In this article we shall discuss, what is Microsoft’s logic behind unifying resource management and relationship management solutions into one product.

Customer data can help organisations evolve at every level
With the progress of technology, enterprises are coming up with new ways to utilise data. Customer data is no exception to this trend. By empowering employees at various levels with the tools to leverage customer data, organisations can significantly boost their profits. Dynamics 365 is pioneering this trend of customer data management through its common data model. Owing to the inferences that customer data provides, business apps will be able to overcome their shortcomings in no time. Obviously, this means that customers can expect a higher standard of service than before, thereby improving the organization’s image among the masses.

Even licensing is undergoing a massive transformation
With the release of Dynamics 365, Microsoft has changed the way software licensing is managed in the industry. Organisations are no longer forced to buy blanket licenses for all their software applications. This allows organisations to save licensing costs and improve their bottom lines.

CRM stands for customer relationship management which includes strategies used by the company for managing all the relationships and interactions of the company. The goal of CRM is to improve customer service relationships and to help in retaining the company’s existing customers to eventually increase the sales. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one such software that aids in maintaining the customer relations. Using this software, in a single view of the customer, all points of contact of the customer such as email, phone number, fax etc. are available.

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The main modules of this software are: Sales, Marketing and Service. The advantages of using this software is that it is flexible i.e. it provides options for deployment, purchase and access, it is easy to use and familiar as it works like other Microsoft products such as Microsoft Outlook, and since it offers a lot of customization and partner offerings it fulfills a company’s business needs. It helps with everything related to the customer starting from pre-sales activities till customer service.

The Microsoft sales module covers areas such as opportunity management, sales process management, pipeline optimization, quotes, order management, sales force management, sales literature and direct email. This module basically provides tools which is utilized by the sales team to manage the opportunities. It comprises entities, reports, dashboards, processes and the products and services offered. In the sales module, the sales team has the provision to maintain their customers, contacts, current orders, existing problems, and their solutions. When a sales person has all this information before them, it is easy for them to talk to their customers as they would not have to face any unexpected questions. They would be prepared to answer all the queries with full knowledge.

The service module covers areas such as case management, complete 360 degree view of customer information, automated routing and queuing, auto-response, email etc. The service module comprises of tools that help to track the complaints of the customers and the other customer interactions with the organization. This module shows service management and service scheduling. The primary purpose of this module is to manage the service tickets.

The marketing module covers areas such as campaign management, marketing list management, list segmentation, campaign execution and marketing reporting. This module is helpful for the marketing professionals as it provides them with a set of tools which can help in retaining the existing customers and attracting new customers which can eventually help in growing the business.

If pests have infested your home or office, you are likely going to call a pest control company to address your pest problem. Settling for the first pest control company you can find is not really a good idea because they may not have the expertise to handle your needs.

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The following article by origin discusses the importance of hiring a good pest control services.

The importance of hiring good pest control services

Sometimes life can present seemingly insurmountable challenges. The attack of an invisible enemy that ambushes from the tiniest cracks in the walls can be unbearable. Unchecked, termites can do a great amount of damage in a tiny amount of time. Often, people make the mistake of taking them for granted due to their insignificant size and near-invisibility. But, in reality, the havoc they can inflict can be beyond all expectation.

The attacks of termites, especially on built-in furniture, can lead to heart-breaking losses. Their unified attack is simply more than a match for the likes of ordinary mortals. Homeowners facing this havoc must not think twice before getting in touch with a reliable pest control service provider. Otherwise, the whole property will quickly be damaged beyond repair. Read more here

You obviously now know the importance of hiring a good pest control service company. But do you think that employing the services of a good pest control company is a onetime thing?

The following article by Americanpest shed light on 5 reasons why you need regular pest control.

Top 5 reasons why you need regular pest control

A tidy, well-kept house is always pest free, right? Not necessarily. Pests can be attracted to homes for various reasons, many of which have nothing to do with cleanliness. Some common home invaders make it very obvious that they are there, while generations of others may hide away without a peep. There are many reasons why regular pest control is necessary for every homeowner to consider. Read more here.

You definitely have seen why you need to control the pest in your home on a regular basis. Many today do not spend their money in employing the services of a pest control company because they feel that it is not important and that the damages caused by pests are over-exaggerated.

The following article by Connor R Sullivan gives insight on some important reasons for pest control.

Important reasons for pest control

Pests come in different forms. Whether it’s a Northern Kentucky termite, a Cincinnati termite, a mouse in a basement, ants in a kitchen or mosquitoes in a yard, they all can be defined as unwanted creatures that play havoc on our lives. Controlling these pests helps protect us from the damage they inflict. This damage includes, but is not limited to, contaminating our food, spreading disease, threatening our health and injuring our property. By defining this damage, support for pest control is firmly validated. Read more here


The bottom line is that employing the services of a pest control company is the best option especially when it comes to addressing a pest infestation. Pest control is not a one-time thing. It has to be done on a regular basis by a reputable pest control company. Pest control is very important because it will save you from a lot of problems in the long run.

Paper is a thin material which are used for writing, printing etc. Many forms of paper exist such as corrugated paper, sand paper, wax paper, bond paper, fish paper, bank paper, banana paper, cotton paper, leather paper etc. All these papers serve different purposes. The manufacturing process of most of the papers is similar except the chemicals used to alter the properties of the paper while it in in the form of cellulose fiber pulp. Wood from trees having hard wood like Oak and soft wood like eucalyptus is used for paper making. It can also be produced from cellulose fiber rich plants like bamboo, cotton etc. Waste paper also can be recycled to produce paper pulp.

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Paper machine is a machine which is employed for the manufacture of paper. Fourdrinier Machine principles are employed by the modern day paper making machines. It uses a woven mesh conveyer belt to create a paper web. There are four different sections in a paper manufacturing machine they are Forming section, press section, drying section and calendar section. The forming section is the wet area of the machine. Here the pulp slurry is released continuously to get a wet web of fiber. In the press section, this wet web is passed between large rollers under high pressure and water  is squeezed out of it. The drying section is used to dry out the fibers and bring down the moisture content to about 6%. A series of steam-heated drying cylinders are used for this purpose. Calendar section is the section where the material is smoothened out using high pressure and loading.

Paper conversion is the process of converting raw paper from the paper and pulp mills and converting them to the market product. To achieve this, the large parent rolls are cut and made into smaller rolls which can be utilized by the machinery of companies like the printing press etc. These paper converting equipment change the width of the paper according to size of the printing press.

The most common paper converting device is the slitter/rewinder. This machine consists of a series of blades. Using these blades, the rolls of paper are unwound. These blades then cut the paper into smaller dimension papers which are then rolled back to form new rolls.

The second type of paper converting device is the precision paper roll saw. While using this equipment, there is no need to unwind or rewind the parent paper rolls. This machine cuts the entire roll into new rolls.



Seeing ants congregate at different areas in your home can be very offensive. A question that might run through your mind is – how do I get rid of this nuisance for good? Well, the best option when it comes to ants control you require a professional pest control company. Of course, before they come to address your pest problem, you will have to make some preparations.

Ant control

Insecticides are used by professional pest control service to eliminate ant from a home or an office. The process by which this is done is pretty straightforward. First, baits are placed on strategic areas, where ants have often been seen congregating or feeding. The bait is carefully placed on a holder or cardboard.

This method has been met with much success, in the past and is still in use right now. The purpose of the bait system is not to kill the first wave of ants that come out, but rather to follow their trail and see where it leads, which is their nest where their queen is located. The ants that approach a bait are likely worker ants and they are easily replaceable. Hence it would be wise to follow their trail so that you can eliminate them for good.

Before a pest control company visits your home, they are going to give a list of some activities you need to carry out prior to their visit.

Your job therefore, is to follow the instructions they have given you in the letter. If in the future, you want to handle a pest situation on your own, do well to read the instruction on the pest control product you are about to purchase.

When you make all the necessary preparations, the chance of re-infestation becomes very slim. If you fail to prepare for the pest control service, the chance of a re-infestation becomes very high.


Steps in preparation

In other for the exterminator to rid your home of ants without any sort of complications, you have to do the following.

  1. Get rid of your trash.
  2. Carefully vacuum you home.
  3. Eradicate any potential ant food source so as to make the bait method more effective.
  4. Wipe your counters
  5. Ensure that your floors are clean.
  6. Store your food in the refrigerator.
  7. Reduce the amount of leftovers to the barest minimum.
  8. Wash your dishes and your dishwasher as often as possible
  9. If you store recyclables in your home, rinse them and keep them in an ant-proof container.
  10. As soon as the pest control agent arrives at your home, explain the nature of your ant problem and show him the areas where you see ants often.

Before a pest control agent starts addressing your pest problem, ask him to tell you exactly what he is going to do. Also, ensure that he gives you some after treatment instructions.

Important steps you should take after an ant control service have been performed

  1. Do not use very strong cleaner, close to the bait. This will make the ant unable to find the bait.
  2. Do not spray insecticide on an ant that is approaching the bait.
  3. If some ants are heading away from the bait, don’t disturb them. Rather move the bait to the area where you can see the ant.

Eradication of ants from your home for good is not difficult as it might seem, all you have to do is to follow the instructions laid out by a pest control company. If you are able to follow it strictly, you will be able to get rid of your pest problem permanently.